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Chryophase did a session for  "Plazmarec radio show" on DI.FM on November, 2016.

Chryophase on Plazma records show, show is broadcast on Mondays, Thursdays and some Fridays with Plazma Records as a host :


May 30, 2015 - Mogo (Live), Alex Cambrano and Silent Discussion @ Muszi, Budapest, HU



(Arturo Jiménez Pérez )  Music Composer / Independent Producer

Born in 1989 in a small town in Mexico.   At age 8, entered the world of sounds and harmonies when he experienced playing the guitar, influenced by the psychedelic 70's, the music freedom expressing by David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Syd Barrett (Official), the mechanical sounds of Kraftwerk to the new era of new Beat and synthesizers, touched my soul and pointed the music way. As he discovered electronic tools, starts generating the strange mixture of natural and synthetic, time forging a musical character that is known as Mogo.  

"The freedom that gives me the music... 
...Are the wings that need my soul to fly"

Making music is to connect the world through the sounds it emits, I think nature has perfect harmony, we only make a plastic immitación, I try to create that connection between the natural and artificial. Login to your soul through your ears

The Magic Psychedelic 70's (the era of great alternative bands), David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, the mechanical sounds of Kraftwerk, the Techno and Undesground Sounds in 90's.

25 years old.
Producer, Remixer and DJ, he began playing guitar at age 8, his journey in the psychedelic 70 'begins at age 13 taking Pink Floyd as a banner, his taste for synthesizers takes you to 
the electronic music scene. Minimal and Techno dominate your style.

Performance :
Live Act : Ableton Live, APC_ 40, Mopho Synth, Sound Card.


Alex Cambrano, Original of Mexico.

Originally from Mexico, I am a person who loves music and technology, I love experimenting with new sounds and instruments, it amuses me that much produce and use it as a form of expression. Work for a few years in my own style to produce sounds and the implementation of several instruments, I have the idea that music is a way to express what you want.The music is everything.



April 18th, 2015 -  Terry Whyte -  42Below,  Windmill Brae, Aberdeen:

March 20th, 2015 -  Nino Blink -  42Below, Windmill Brae, Aberdeen:


Feb 6, 2015 - Venue : A38 @ Budapest, Hungary).


January 10, 2015 - Venue: KOLOR BAR Budapest, Hungary.